Meet the Professor and Workshop Speakers

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Meet the professor and workshop moderators ACR Annual Meeting

Thank you for agreeing to share your expertise at this year’s Annual Meeting. Workshops are hands-on skill training sessions and Meet the Professor (MTP) sessions should promote conversation and consultation. For this reason, attendance is limited to 35 attendees for each MTP session and 24 attendees for each workshop.

You must complete a speaker agreement to confirm your participation.

Contact ACR if you have not received your speaker agreement.

Policies and Guidelines

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Session Format

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  • Structure your session to encourage discussion and/or practice of hands-on skills.
  • Your opinions and feedback are invaluable to attendees. Be prepared for attendees to ask your advice on a challenging case.
  • Do not present your material in a didactic presentation. Instead try to encourage discussion using case presentations or question and answer.

Syllabus and Handout Materials

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  • Syllabi/handouts and visual aids play a crucial role in your session planning and should reflect your primary points.
  • Handouts should provide additional references for data that may be too detailed to cover during your session, but will serve as a tools and resources following the meeting (e.g. reading lists, worksheets, diagrams, etc.)
  • Meet the professor and workshop syllabi or handout materials will be emailed to registered session attendees with their final confirmation notice prior to the meeting. A printed copy of your syllabus will not be made available on site.

When You Arrive at Annual Meeting

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  • First, visit the registration area to pick up your badge and meeting materials.
  • Fifteen minutes before the session start time, arrive at your session room and load your presentation on to the PC at the podium.

Room, Equipment, and Assistance

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  • Meet the Professor session rooms are generally small and have standard U-shape style set-up or table rounds to promote a more conversational setting.
  • Workshop session rooms will vary based on the equipment being used. The standard set-up is a U-shape style with any additional equipment placed around the perimeter of the room.
  • Each room will equipped with the following:
    • PC at the podium
    • Projector and screen
    • Microphone
    • Laser pointer
    • Remote control slide advancer (upon request)
    • One flip chart (upon request)
    • Special equipment requests:
    • If you require any special equipment, please submit a request in writing to ACR by (date to be announced).
    • Requests are approved on a case by case basis.